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Samenvatting[brontekst bewerken]

Welke consequenties zou het verhuizen van Scoutpedia naar de server van het ScoutWiki Network (Ressu) hebben?

  • eigen Skin blijft mogelijk
  • SWN wordt geen "eigenaar" van de gegevens
    • Het valt te regelen dat de eigenaar van een kopie van de backup krijgt of altijd recht houdt op een kopie.
  • SWN moet wel een bureaucrat+sysop account krijgen maar dat mag alleen gebruikt worden als zij daar door een rechter toe gedwongen wordt.
  • de advertenties moeten/kunnen vervallen omdat hosting op Ressu voor scoutwiki's in principe gratis is.

Discussie[brontekst bewerken]

        <Akela_NDE>What would Scoutpedia thinking of moving to Ressu, by the way ? :) You would enjoy ScoutMedia for shared images, a soon-to-come global account, interresting shared extensions … And "free" hosting by NettiPartiolaiset.ry
	<egel>	We are going to have a "scoutpedia dag" in October and than we will discuss the future of Scoutpedia.
	<Akela_NDE>	OK. That's a great idea to have that sort of meeting :) I already went to a couple of them and it's nice to see IRL the people you work with … especially when they're scouts, you find loooots of common points :D
	<egel>	The "problem" is that we like our freedom and we don't know if the advances of moving to Ressu is worth losing a part off that freedom.
	<egel>	We know more or less what we will gain by moving to Ressu but it is not clear what we will lose.
	<Akela_NDE>	Why should you lose something ? Scoutopedia moved to Ressu and we didn't lost anything.
	<egel>	We probably lose our own distinctive skin (it not wonderful, but at least better than the present scoutwiki skin)
	<egel>	We first want to examine the possible cooperation with the Dutch and Flemish Scouting organizations
	<egel>	Means moving to Ressu that we lose the "ownership" of the information on Scoutpedia?
	<Akela_NDE>	Sorry for the delay :)
	<Akela_NDE>	Your skin is not a problem, first point. You may be on Ressu and keep it, no problem.
	<Akela_NDE>	(Although it is probable that you won't need the advertising any more … but we may speak about that when you'll have moved)
	<Akela_NDE>	And for the ownership of information, no problem either : there is no "owner" ; it's public and under a free license.
	<egel>	The advertising is just for paying the hosting, it is not for "profit"
	<Akela_NDE>	The only thing is that, as you may have to become a full affiliated website, SW from its statutes should have a bureaucrat+sysop account, in order to be able to act if there is a court ruling about something illegal that would have been written on ScoutPedia
	<Akela_NDE>	But it will not be used if there is no such thing as court ruling or menace to try us for a text that would be diffamative or so
	<Akela_NDE>	SWN's purpose is to help to the display of information in ScoutWiki wikis → it gives the hosting and technical support, that's all. But it is not responsible nor does it "own" in any way the contents of the wikis. That's in the statutes.
	<Akela_NDE>	Actually the network's been designed to be helpful and useful for scouting wiki communities, so it tries to be really :p
	<egel>	But should it go wrong, are we still entitled to a copy of the information?
	<Akela_NDE>	I don't understand : should what go wrong ?
	<egel>	the cooperation, a court ruling, the bankruptcy of SW asso, whatever
	<egel>	plus, according to conservative talks about cooperation with the Dutch NSO, it seems one of their conditions would be that their work may not be lost.
	<Akela_NDE>	Cooperation: if you want to leave, you leave with your stuff. Court ruling: it would rule the same for ScoutPedia alone or in SWN, and you would be concerned by the trial. SW asso problem : you may leave with your stuff. Technical problem on the sever : there are regular saves, you may keep them if you want (to be seen with the technicians)
	<Akela_NDE>	We don't want our work to be able to get lost either.
	<Akela_NDE>	Do you have an association or so, for Scoutpedia ? Whom does it "belong" to, currently ? I thought it was just Buxx's
	<egel>          At the moment Scoutpedia is just Buxx's, but perhaps the organization of Scoutpedia will be formalised
	<cedsib>	it can be formalised within ScoutWiki if you want ;)
	<cedsib>	it lets you work like you want, BTW
	<cedsib>	but it mays help about hosting, techs, and I hope soone communication & so on
	<Akela_NDE>	It was built on the idea that united, we would be stronger. If one wiki community successes in having the attention of a NSO, it means that the attention is for all the network and then the NSO can say to other NSOs "Hey look, there are scouting encyclopedias in your language too"
	<Akela_NDE>	And it is also easier and less expensive to mutualize our resources : money, hosting, advertising, images, contributors if they speak several languages, etc.
	<Akela_NDE>	The idea is to create a kind of scouting wikimedia … if it may said so
	<juham>	one possible source for funding would be attracting attentation of active wealthy scouts...
	<juham>	Baden-Powell Fellowship would not even need to have a fundraiser, hosting swn is quite cheap...
	<Akela_NDE>	Well, I think that what we need the most for the moment is not mainly money nor hosting (thanks to NP :) ), it's much more to get known all over scouting.
	<egel>	We only have the attention of the team internet of a NSO
	<egel>	They have put a link to scoutpedia on the faq-page of the NSO's main-site, maybe you try that too.
	<Akela_NDE>	That's already something quite important. We're trying to have a link on France's NSO website, as we have a contributor among its redactors, but it proves not to be easy. They are judging us and want to see what we're worth
	<Akela_NDE>	They kind of fear us, because we're giving out information, and they fear we may talk about kinds of scouting in France they don't want to see: we speak about traditional catholic scouts, just to tell they exist, but they fear it may have people think these are actually scouts … and that kind of problems
	<Akela_NDE>	So they fear we may be used by these scouts they think that are not scouts
	<Akela_NDE>	So it may help us, if we were able to tell them, well, see, in the Netherlands the NSO is OK with us. Yes, see, ScoutWiki in Dutch and ScoutWiki in French, they're both ScoutWikis of the same Network, so it's OK, we're serious.
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